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2009 Release of 123di 6.2
2009 Release of 123di 6.0
2008 Release of 123di 5.0
2007 Release of 123di 4.0 at PMA 2007 Las Vegas
2005 Release of 123di 3.5
2004 Release of 123di 3.0
2003 Release of 123di 2.0
2003 Release of 123di 1.1
2003 Release of 123di 1.0 at PMA 2003 Las Vegas
2002 Asimex becomes the publisher of "The 123 of digital imaging Interactive Learning Suite ™" (123di.com).
2001 Asimex cooperates with and holds shares in companies involved in digital imaging, ecommerce, information and telecommunication technology and intents to fully or partially acquire Singapore based small & medium enterprises in the same fields.
1998 Asimex adds division specialized in e-commerce and digital imaging technology.
1994 Asimex leverages its experience in Asia by assisting non-Asian companies in starting up and running operations in Asia.
1992 Asimex Pte Ltd is incorporated as a trading company
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